Open Edition Prints

Phoenix Interactive just released Crimson Coast, the second expansion for the 4th Edition of the Warlord: Saga of the Storm CCG. Since it’s out, I can know share 3 of the cards I did work for in this set.  Unusual for me, they’re all ladies – an Freekingdom archer with a super-duper bow (card name: Skyfire), a Deverenian storm worshiper (card name: Sister Wanda) and a hag (card name: Green Hag).  Two of these characters are actually from previous Warlord cards I did, lo these many years ago.  The archer is from a piece which ended up being split into 3 cards, featuring the lady running to save a mystical crane from an approaching Nothrog.  The storm worshiper is from a card that I think was called “Improved Invisibility”.

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