Veronica’s Biography

Ever since I was a little girl, I’d read stories of magic and mystery, action and adventure.  I remember digging through the sofa cushions and in the car seat for loose change to buy comics at the 7-Eleven, then practicing the dynamic poses over and over.  Comic books led to chapter books led to novels and the worlds I’d visit in comics and books eventually found their way into the doodles on the margins of my notebooks. Superheroes, unicorns and fairies would keep me company in the classroom.

I have worked as a freelance illustrator since 200o, using my digital paintbrush to continue to capture those flights of fancy today.  My work has been featured in role-playing games, card games and on books with clients from across the country. Games include the card games A Game of Thrones, Legend of the Five Rings and Warlord: Saga of the Storm.  Recent projects include the cover to the game Little Fears:Nightmare Edition by Jason L. Blair and the recent novel from DarkStar Books, Morticai’s Luck.