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Open Edition Prints

A combination of my wonderful, venerable Mac G4 slowly going kablooey while still keeping up with work, kids and home has kept me from posting for a while.  So, to catch you up – I’ve recently completed work I’m very happy with for Phoenix Interactive’s Warlord CCG, as well as for AEG’s L5R.  Now in print are pieces in Green Ronin’s new RPG “A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying”, as well as 3 cards for the Warlord set, Shattered Empires (Alaya, Dunewalker’s Staff and the Giving if you’re taking notes).  On the home front, I just came back from herding 9 girls on their first camping trip this past weekend and I’m still tired 2 days later, and my sistar and family are traveling in for a week’s stay. Ha!

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