Children’s Illustration Prints

September 17, 2014

Over the last few years, my client list has expanded to include children’s publishers, such as Spencer Hill Press.  In addition to the gaming related and personal art I have available, I’m adding a new category of children’s illustration.  I’ll also have select limited edition signed prints available, both unmatted and matted.

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Gates of Chaos artwork

September 24, 2013

I’ve just added 5 new pieces to my collection of Legend of the Five Rings artwork!  These have all been released as part of the Gates of Chaos set.  They include one focusing on the Dragon clan, one with a Crane scout and 3 Unicorn clan pieces! Enjoy!

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Print Sales!

October 16, 2012

Thanks to the hard working efforts of Web designer extraordinaire, Jeff, print sales through have been made easier ever.  Additionally, if you see any piece on either or my Facebook fan page but don’t see it here, drop me a quick line and I can make it available.

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September 27, 2012

This past Labor Day weekend, I went to DragonCon 2012 in Atlanta.  WHile there, in addition to fighting a nagging cough and cold, I came to the realization that changes needed to be made to Moonshines.  A redesign in the look and style to the site had been in the works for a while. However, since I’ve been mostly showcasing my newest work either at or on my Facebook Fan page, there hadn’t been a purpose to this site.  At DragonCon, it occurred to me that I really needed a better platform for print and merchandise sales. Moonshines will be that platform.  In the next few weeks, changes are coming to make for a better print sale site.  Yay!

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New (old) art

October 19, 2011

Hi there.  For a while, my policy for was to have only a small selection of my “best” pieces on the website, as it’s my portfolio, and I’m told you should only have the best to represent you.  While all this is true, this has meant that a lot of art I’ve done over the years isn’t represented, here or anywhere really.

The solution to this conundrum is to reorganize….and redesign.  In the coming weeks, helped by my partner in  crime, webbastard extraordinaire, Jeff Jones, the Moonshines site will experience a significant facelift.  The first visible step to that endeaver is the addition of a lot of new (old) art, starting with work from the CCG Legend of the Five Rings.  Enjoy!

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Character illustration for the book series War of the Crown by William Lockett. This piece focuses on Sheisott, a half-demon.

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